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Contact Information

If you would like to make contact with the founder of this site for any of the following reasons:
  • You would like to be involved in the website's development
  • You would like to provide credited photos, information, ideas
  • You will be interested in sponsoring or advertising on the site
  • You would like to be made aware of developments or news on it's progression
  • You would like further information on what we are trying to achieve
  • You are interested in a mining surveying career and are currently looking for more information
  • Anything else related to the website

Please feel free to send an email to: contact@minesurveyor.net or use the form below (preferred).

We are currently working on the development of the site and have many ideas and a lot of information to consider.

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Advertising / Sponsoring
Sponsors and Advertising

Interested in advertising on MineSurveyor.net? Please use the contact form above.

Advertising opportunities exist for:
  • Mining companies advertising for surveyors, graduates, cadets and associates
  • Training companies advertising general mining and skills training products
  • Universities campaigning for spatial science, surveying, GIS, and mining engineering degrees
  • General surveying product awareness campaigns
  • Contract surveyors (individuals) or contract surveying companies
General Notes:
Through analysis of the site's traffic at present, most traffic is generated from Australia and South Africa; through Google searches for surveying, mine surveying and mining or surveying educational related search terms.

So how does this information help your business?

This means that our traffic is generally people who are specifically interested in Mine Surveying or Mining Engineering. For employers seeking associates, cadets, graduates or even vacation students who have exhibited a genuine interest in the industry, this website provides an ideal platform for advertising to quality potential employees.

Any company offering graduate programmes and cadetships are encouraged to contact us in order to have your details listed freely under the relevant pages. We absolutely want to encourage the availability of these programmes within the industry to secure career opportunities for current students in the future.

Free Advertising:
Interested in getting free advertising on the website for your business? This opportunity is available to industry professionals who are able to supply one or more pages of content to assist in the development of the website. This will involve a lifetime (life of website) advertisement on the 'Sponsors' bar on the left menu as well as having your banner permanently displayed on any page of information / content you contribute.
Content Disclaimer

The information, articles, website links, photos, diagrams and graphics provided on this site is intended for educational purposes. If you feel that information on this website is incomplete, misleading or infringes any copyright, please use the contact information above to let us know as soon as possible. The intention of this website is to provide valuable information to potential and existing surveying students and to provide information to employees of a select industry. We are happy to co-operate or compromise and will work quickly to resolve any issues you may have with the site.