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Applied Resolution Technologies

Applied Resolution Technologies (www.appliedresolution.com.au) has been solving challenges using laser-based solutions for over 23 years. The company develops and manufactures laser-based products in Australia, with the SLX-635P “pencil laser” being a very familiar product in underground coal mining.

Now we offer direct supply from the factory, because we want to know what else you need to achieve your tasks safely. Why talk to a salesman, when you can discuss your full requirements with the people who actually make the equipment?

Applied Resolution Technologies is adding to the range of Certified equipment for use in hazardous environments with a newly released version of the BLX-635 tunnel laser, which is an IECEx Certified laser with long battery life, extremely long range (> 700 metres) with a tight beam, and optical attachments for generating lines and right angle beams. More powerful, safe, longer range, and tough as nails.

Both the SLX-635P and BLX-635 lasers will soon be released in higher end versions that include modulation features, enabling them to work as static beams and be detected using sensing technologies. The products then open applications in precise conveyor alignment and establishing monitored safety barriers. The use of the fixed laser with sensing technologies also enables more effective use in above-ground applications where the beams are less visible. It is like having an infinitely long string-line, with no sag. With sensing technologies, alignment is possible within tens of millimetres, over hundreds of metres.

Applied Resolution Technologies also undertakes custom manufacture and development to meet the application requirements of our clients. In 2013 several of these “custom” items will join our range of standard Certified products for safe use in even the most hazardous environments.

Benefits of choosing Applied Resolution Technologies (ART)

  • ART products meet Australian/NZ laser safety regulations, also classified according to the latest IEC Laser Safety Standards.
  • ART products are IECEx Certified, made to Standards that are becoming more internationally recognised in Explosion Risk Zones. IECEx Certification also guarantees our clients that we are Quality Assured, and annually audited for our manufacture and service according to IEC Standards.
  • ART offers specialized Laser Safety Training, with expert focus on safety, technology and applications for underground mining. Our training is offered through SIMTARS. As experts in Laser Safety, our products are correctly classified and tested so our clients can focus on applications safely.
  • ART products are manufactured to meet the tough environment in which they are used.
  • In the event that service is required, ART is also a Certified Service Facility for IS products.
Produce use examples
  • Underground mine wall movement monitoring.
  • Asset security.
  • Beam interrupt (by change in distance measured).
  • Distance measurement.
  • Collision avoidance.
  • Measurement of alcohol depths in distillery vats.
  • Measurement of grain in silos.
  • WiFi output to link with control or monitoring systems.
  • Used Intrinsically Safe instruments are required.
  • See our Application Notes