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Accident Investigation Surveys (General Mine Surveying Duties)

Accident investigation surveys can be quite common in mining. Unfortunately it is an industry prone to accidents occurring. Surveyors provide comprehensive geospatial information to allow accident investigators to determine what factors may have influenced an accident.

Accident investigation surveys also allow risk assessments and operating procedures to be developed by learning from how geospatial factors have contributed to previous accidents.

Example #1: Accident investigation survey example

(Click image to see full size version in PDF format)

Generally in an accident investigation survey, you will consider the following:

  • Accurate positioning and topography of surrounding area
  • Observable features on roads and surroundings
  • Features or areas that may have contributed to the accident
  • Signage and labels for areas relevant to the accident
  • Orientations, appropriate scaling and appropriate information for the investigators

When conducting an accident investigation survey, it is important to consider what the investigators need straight away as well as what may be required for future reference. It is also important to consider your own safety (e.g. don't go near a truck with tyres that are loosing pressure).
The example shown above is a fictional reproduction of an accident, demonstrating the type of data that would be collected in a survey without injuries or fatalities. In the unfortunate event of fatalities or major injuries, a chief surveyor will need to be involved and a lot more detail would need to be collected.

General Mine Surveying Duties

General duties (covered in the General Surveying Duties section), which are common to both surface and underground operations include:
Lease Management
Asset and Service Locations
Accident Investigation Surveys
Statutory Plans
Rehabilitation Monitoring and Control
Water Level Monitoring

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