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General Mine Surveying Duties (Open-cut & Underground)

There are a variety of activities completed by mine surveyors on a day-to-day basis. This website is intended to provide information about most of these activities, however not all of them have been included.

In This Section

In this section we will investigate duties that are completed in both open-cut (surface) or underground operations. These are general duties that are important and conducted in all mines. An emphasis is made on open-cut surveying, however the listed activities are completed in both underground and open-cut operations in a similar fashion.

Some of the general surveying duties undertaken by surveyors in open-cut and underground operations include:

- Lease Management
- Maintain Control Networks
- Asset and Service Locations
- Accident Investigation Surveys
- Statutory Plans
- Rehabilitation Monitoring and Control
- Water Level Monitoring

Note (10-07-10): Not all sections are complete (therefore not all links are active). Links will be updated progressively as sections are completed. Thanks for your patience.