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Statutory (Stat) Plans (General Mine Surveying Duties)

One of the roles for mine surveyors is to monitor what materials have been mined as well as maintain records of various assets and protective equipment or spatial information around the site. It is a legislative requirement to have these plans available when requested by authorities.

In coal mining, we monitor what coal has been removed from various seams which allows for progressive engineering designs to be completed ensuring the maximum removal of the coal with minimal loss or unnecessary rehandle of materials. The final plans produced as the mine progresses are a statutory requirement and therefore referred to as 'statutory plans' or 'stat plans'. The specific requirements of these plans vary in different states. Further to locating mined areas of the mine, stat plans may also include details required in events of emergencies (such as communications equipment, water reticulation, fire fighting equipment, boreholes, boundaries, electricity or gas lines).

Depending on the size of the mine, there may be hundreds of stat plans to cover all areas of the mine.

Example #1: Demonstration of data provided in stat plan

(Click picture for larger version)

Example #2: Demonstration of stat plan

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Example #3: Demonstration of data provided in stat plan (underground and open-cut)

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General Mine Surveying Duties

General duties (covered in the General Surveying Duties section), which are common to both surface and underground operations include:
Lease Management
Asset and Service Locations
Accident Investigation Surveys
Statutory Plans
Rehabilitation Monitoring and Control
Water Level Monitoring

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