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Mining Machinery (And Specific Survey Control)

The machinery used in a surface mining operation is varied. The choice of machinery generally depends on the size of the mine, available capital, coal seam sizes (or minerals being mined) and amount of material between coal seams or to be removed to extract valuable minerals.

In This Section

In this section we will investigate different machines used in mining and in some cases, the involvement of surveyors for controlling certain machines.

Common machinery includes (for the mining process):
- Draglines
- Shovels
- Excavators
- Front End Loaders & Boggers / LHD's
- Dump Trucks
- Track & Wheel Dozers

Note (21-07-10): Not all sections are complete (therefore not all links are active). Links will be updated progressively as sections are completed. Thanks for your patience.

At this stage, specific information on the following equipment has yet to be added to the site:

- Drills
- Bucket Wheel Excavators
- Jumbos
- Scrapers
- Longwall Miners
- Highwall Miners
- Continuous Miners

Catterpillar - Mining Machinery Poster

Catterpillar are currently offering a free downloadable and mail-able poster illustrating their various machine types for mining.

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