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Open-cut (Surface) Mine Surveying Operations

Mine Surveying is a challenging yet rewarding profession. It provides a balanced mixture of office and outdoor work and is usually quite enjoyable.

In This Section

In this section we will investigate the duties involved in open-cut or surface operations. An emphasis is made on coal mining, however the duties of surveyors is similar across the mining operations of different minerals. One major component obscure to the general public's perception on mining is the fact that machine operators don't just dig in a random location and hope to succeed in the successful excavation of minerals. They use the assistance of surveyors to tell them where to excavate as according to an engineering design, based on a geological model derived from exploration and research. It is important to remember that 'mines don't dig themselves' and 'mining isn't a process of luck'. Furthermore it is important to reflect on the research and resources required, and the number of professionals and skills involved in the mining process. Surveying is just one of many resources or skills required in the mining process and as such, the intention of this website is to demonstrate the involvement of mainly this profession in the mining industry.

Open-cut Mine Surveying Duties
General Mine Surveying Duties

General duties (covered in the General Surveying Duties section), which are common to both surface and underground operations include:
Lease Management
Asset and Service Locations
Accident Investigation Surveys
Statutory Plans
Rehabilitation Monitoring and Control
Water Level Monitoring

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